Do you have any questions about our service or our schnelleStelle.de configurator? You are not alone - here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions from customers.


What is the process of a job placement?
Please find useful information about the procedure of a job placement under following link: www.schnellestelle.de/en/service/product-tour
What content is required to create a job ad?

Following information are necessary to ensure that a job advertisement complies with the guidelines of the portals:

  1. Company description
  2. Job title
  3. Description of tasks
  4. Profile
  5. We can offer
  6. Place of work
  7. Options for application (e-mail, post or link to the corresponding advertisement on your homepage)

It is not permitted to advertise several positions in one job ad.

What formats are required?
We need the logo as an image file (psd,ai,png or jpeg) and the textual contributions as a Word or PDF file or simply by e-mail.
How long does it take until the ad is online?
After customer approval, we immediately transfer the ads to the booked portals, which usually take a maximum of 2-3 working days to place the ad online.
Is it always the same product that is offered directly by the portals?
The individual products that can be found in our portfolio correspond to the products of the respective partners. However, the combination of different products can only be realized by us.
What is Active Sourcing?
Active sourcing is a form of proactive candidate search and approach. While the job advertisement primarily addresses active seekers, active sourcing addresses passive seekers who are made aware of your vacancy and are contacted individually in writing by our experienced staff.
Which platforms are used for Active Sourcing?
We use the largest and most well-known career networks in Germany. Depending on the position to be filled, searches are conducted on XING, LinkedIn, the Federal Agency, StepStone, (Facebook), Experteer, kleinanzeigen.de, Github and/or kliniken.de.
How long does an Actice Sourcing process take?
After receiving your order, we will conduct a detailed telephone conversation with you where we request detailed information of the position to be filled and exchange about your employer brand in general. This enables us to start the search, which usually takes no longer than 2 weeks. After completion of the process you will receive a list with the names of the candidates contacted and after about 4 weeks a detailed evaluation.
What discounts or benefits can we offer?

We offer the following quantity discount scales for the simultaneous placement of several job advertisements:

  • 2-4 ads = 5 % discount on the package price
  • 5-10 ads = 10 % discount on the package price
  • 11-20 ads = 12.5% discount on the package price

For bookings that include more than 20 advertisements, an individual agreement is made.

Why can we offer such high discounts?
Since we purchase larger contingents from our partners, we receive a correspondingly lower advertising price, which we pass on to our customers as a package.
Do we offer agency discounts?
Yes - 10% max. These cannot be combined with other discounts.
Is it possible to conclude an annual contract?
Of course. We are happy to offer interested customers “exclusive” framework agreements with corresponding advantages. The term is one year starting with the first placement. The minimum purchase is 5 job advertisements.

Individual consultation

Do you need an individual advice? Simply contact our sales consultant:

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Michael Volosinovszki

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