Find new employees in Poland with a job advertisement

The schnelleStelle.de tips for recruiting new employees from Poland. All important information and tips can be found here at a glance.


1. A very good job advertisement leads to qualified applicants

Our suggestions for the content of your ad:

  • Short company description
  • Precise job title
  • Naming of the main work tasks
  • Required skills
  • Including the specification of language skills
  • Contact details / Place of work

You should also include this information:

  • Information about wage/salary level
  • Working hours

If applicable, we recommend to include the following information:

  • Mention of already employed Polish-speaking employees in the team and communication of the company’s openess to new employees from abroad
  • Assistance with the paper work (accommodation, registration in the registration office, health insurance, opening a bank account)
  • Refund of interviews’ travel costs
  • Welcome culture. Do not leave your new employee from abroad completely on his / her own after work. Get to know them and show them around.

Our experience shows that job advertisements with a comprehensive job description, which include applicants’ requirements, lead to qualified applicants. Information about salary, working hours and other support during employment are crucial for employees in Poland when it comes to applying for jobs abroad.

We will be happy to support you in creating a high quality job posting for the search for new employees in Poland. Get in touch with our team.

2. We show you the basic expectations of employees from Poland when it comes to moving to Germany for a new job:

  • Offer an active support in finding accommodation. If the time between the interview and the start of the employment is very short, you can also offer a temporary company apartment. Additionally, you can support the flat search by naming regional newspapers with real estate advertisements or online real estate portals until the new employee finds a flat.
  • You can make an appointment at the registry office and fill in the registration documents. A piece of information with the address and the opening hours of the office is also helpful.
  • You can support new employees in selecting and registering at a suitable health insurance fund. In this case you can recommend a health insurance fund that is often used in your company.
  • For the timely transfer of wages and salaries, it is advisable that the employee has opened a bank account in Germany. Offer your support with opening a bank account.
  • A friendly and accommodating corporate culture is very helpful for a good long-term cooperation. Be interested in the needs of the new employees. Give quidance for needs and belongings outside working hours, too.

You can be creative and do a lot more. At the beginning, you can help your new employes with getting an access to the Internet for private purposes; provide an overview of medical emergency numbers, city maps and public transport timetables or help with registration at kindergarten, school or family fund.

You can also offer the storage of formal documents or your support with filling in the income tax returns form. A recommendation of a tax advisor will also be sufficient.

Offer your support to your new employees from Poland and you will see that most of them will be able to cope with new environment on their own.

3. Post your advert on those job boards in Poland which suit to your vacancy.

Benefit from our experience and a premium job posting

With 38 million inhabitants, you will find a strong and growing economy in Poland with a lot of movement on the labour market and well-trained specialists and managers. There is a huge number of international and local job postings published daily on polish job boards. With this large number of job advertisements, a simple job posting cannot have a far-reaching effect and quickly ends up on less frequented subsequent pages of job sites.

For our customers we prepared an offer containing various job boards which is adjusted to different jobs’ requirements and enables you to reach your potential candidates throughout Poland.

4. After a successful recruitment there are only a few formalities left

  • Registration of new employee for the income tax
  • Registration of the employee for the relevant social insurance fund:
    • health insurance
    • pension scheme
    • unemployment insurance scheme
  • Registration at the trade association

Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the publication of a job advertisement in Poland.

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