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FAZ job board

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When was FAZ job market founded?

Job advertisements have been published in the F.A.Z. since 1949 (print edition). Since 2006 it has also been possible to advertise on the F.A.Z. digital job market.

What are the major strengths of the FAZ job board?

Through the combination of print and online job market, every advertisement has a wide reach. Not only active jobs seekers are addressed, but also potentially change-willing highly qualified specialists and executives. The quality journalism of the F.A.Z. also guarantees the interest of our readers in the areas of job and career. The F.A.Z. brand is perceived as highly trustworthy and relevant.

What distinguishes FAZ job market from other job sites?

As part of the F.A.Z. media landscape, the job market and therefore also the advertiser benefit from the high reputation of the F.A.Z. brand, the above-average educated, career-oriented readership and relevant content in the subject areas of career and profession.

Which industries are looking for new employees particulary on the FAZ job site?

FAZ job site is not focused on specific industries. A differentiation results rather from the qualification. In particular, specialist and management positions that require a high level of qualification are sought and found via our job market.

What partner sites does FAZ Stellenmarkt work with?

No partner job sites

Which media channels does FAZ Stellenmarkt use?

F.A.Z. uses various ways to publish job advertisements. These include: mobile website, app, FAZ.net website, social media channels (Facebook, Twitter).

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