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When was jobs.de founded?

Jobs.de, the job exchange of CareerBuilder Germany GmbH, emerged from the www.jobscout24.de platform, which has been part of CareerBuilder Germany since October 2011. JobScout24 can look back on many years of presence on the German market (founded in 1998 under the name Jobsuche.de).

What are the major strengths of jobs.de?

Jobs.de is an all-rounder job exchange with sound expertise in the German recruiting market, but has also an international network thanks to its membership in the CareerBuilder family. This enables not only the placement of job advertisements abroad, but also access to international know-how and innovative strength.

What distinguishes jobs.de from other job sites?

With Broadbean Job Distribution, CareerBuilder Germany GmbH offers a tool for the automated distribution of job ads, so that classic ad placement and software-supported optimization of recruiting processes go hand in hand. Jobs.de is thus a part of a complete view on the recruiting process.

Which industries are looking for new employees particulary on jobs.de?

Jobs.de is an all-rounder job exchange. The CareerBuilder family also unites specialist job exchanges under its roof, for example TopLanguageJobs, OilAndGasJobsearch, StaffNurse, Lesjeudies (for IT specialists).

What partner sites does jobs.de work with?

Jobs.de is a part of an extensive advertising network with a large number of partners. These include jobworld, jobkicks, careerjet, jobrapido, backinjob and many more.

Which media channels does jobs.de use?

All job advertisements are in Responsive Design and thus designed for optimal display on different display sizes from desktop or laptop to tablet or smartphone.

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