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  • 2.5 million unique user
  • more than 400 network partners
  • over 30 publisher partners



When and where was Jobware.de founded?

Jobware.de was founded in 1996 in Paderborn, Germany, and can look back on over 20 years of experience.

What are the major strengths of jobware.de?

For over 20 years Jobware.de has stood for first-class quality and the highest standards in e-Recruiting. The greatest strength lies in the “Jobware Plus” target group concept. Thus your job advertisements are published both on jobware site and in the job markets of regional and supraregional newspapers as well as on up to 400 specialized and industry platforms.

What distinguishes Jobware.de from other job sites?

The greatest strength of jobware is also what distinguishes it from other job boards. Based on Jobware’s reach and exclusive access to candidates and multipliers in Jobware’s candidate network, the recruitment of first-class candidates is ensured even in tight markets. With your job advertisements on Jobware you reach latently willing to change and regionally searching, technically excellent candidates.

Which industries are looking for new employees particulary on jobware.de?

Jobware.de covers a broad spectrum of industries. The pubisched job advertisements cover the following industries:

  • Business administration 28.3 %
  • Marketing / Sales 16.9 %
  • Technology / Engineering 16.5 %
  • IT / Telecommunications 15.8 %
  • Life sciences 8.8 %
  • Other areas 13.7 %

What partner sites does jobware.de work with?

The broad partner network of jobware.de covers both regional and national print media and more than 400 specialized and industry platforms. This ensures that the right candidates, who are interested in the content apply also for the jobs.

Which media channels does jobware use?

The job advertisements are published on the website (desktop & mobile) in the jobware app and on facebook. This ensures an remarkable reach.

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